For many, going shopping is a great way to de-stress, have fun with friends and pass the time. For others, however, it can be a nightmare. Busy crowds, long queues and carrying heavy bags is not everyone’s idea of fun.

This is where online shopping comes in.

Over the years, online shopping has been on the rise. More people than ever are ditching the high street and heading online to do their shopping. We can find out more about the question on many people’s minds: ‘Is e-commerce slowly growing to kill brick and mortar?’

Online sales are accelerating at a rapid pace. There are many perks that come with shopping online such as:

  • It can save the customer both time and energy.
  • You can quickly and easily compare the prices of the same product at different stores to find the best deal
  • You don’t have to wait in line to make a purchase
  • It is easy to search and find the product that you need in just a few clicks
  • Very often there is a larger variety of products compared to what you get in physical stores
  • You don’t have to leave your house, items are sent straight to you
  • There can be exclusively online sales and vouchers

Many people, however, prefer the traditional high street shopping. This also comes with many perks including:

  • You are able to test the product before making a purchase
  • You can own the product instantly
  • If you are buying clothes then you can try them on to make sure they fit
  • There are no delivery fees

Whether you like online or offline shopping is down to both the individual preference and the situation. One thing is for sure, however: online shopping is on the rise and only time will tell if offline shopping with survives this consumer shift.

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