Nowadays, Facebook is so much more than simple a social network where you can connect with friends. Among other things, it has become a major social commerce platform which has been designed to accommodate big brands and their marketing campaigns.

There are so many strategies you can use with your digital marketing techniques to successfully promote your brand and products to your target market via Facebook.

More than 1 billion people around the world use it; it is a major marketing tool which all brands should take advantage of. Here are three simple tips:

Interact with Your Target Market

As Nike demonstrates with staggering success over the years, consumers follow their favourite brands on Facebook because they like interesting content and accessible customer service in one place. If you never post anything informative or entertaining on your Facebook page, your customers will become bored of your brand.

Promote Your Sales

Consumers usually look on Facebook pages to see if there are any active promotions or offers running. If you do have regular offers and discount codes, make sure you publish them on your Facebook page.

Target Advertisements

Facebook’s advertising tool is very powerful and enables you to target your ads towards people in a specific age range and with specific interests. Utilise this properly so that only people interested in your brand will see your ads.

Want to learn more about social commerce? Check out this infographic below.


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