The Difference Partnering with Employsure Has Made

Who is Employsure?

Employsure is Australia’s leading workplace relations specialist, working directly with employers to build the solid foundations for business success, starting with a fair and safe workplace. They provide over 10,000 Australian business owners and employers with specialised advice, assistance, and the immediate solutions when it comes to employment relations and work health and safety concerns. This is their passion and the way they help their clients succeed.

Why Defectors signed up to Employsure

Here at Defectors we are like a family, however, avoiding any potential pitfalls and protecting our business is paramount.

In any work environment, something can go happen or relationships can waiver. While we are exceptionally proud of our positive company culture, uncontrollable influencers such as misconstrued actions or unintentional words spoken at a ‘long’ lunch can take place. We also wanted to ensure the health and safety of our employees was a key focus within the business.

As we continued to grow, the realisation of how important it was to ensure our employment relations and work health and safety practices were in line with legislation requirements was paramount. With the complicated and lengthy nature of both the Fair Work and Work Health and Safety Acts, we were confused and the thought of engaging an expensive legal consultant hurt.

We discovered Employsure when we were signed on as a supplier, working with them to enhance their digital space. It was upon hearing what they did and seeing it first-hand, we knew they were the perfect solution.

Upon signing, we had a specialist consultant visit the studio to review all our employment and work health and safety practices. They provided a gap analysis of area of non-compliance, offering solution to rectify each component. For us, a crucial part of the support provided my Employsure was the tailored documents including employment contract, employee handbooks and the implementation of policies and procedures. The support received was outstanding, with best practices way to engage staff and achieve buy-in also provided. In addition, we know Employsure Advisers are only a phone call away if we ever have a concern.

Now we have partnered with Employsure, we are so confident our employment and work health and safety requirements are in check, meaning we can focus more on ensure our growing client base, ensuring their needs are met and exceeded.